Addicted To My Ex – How to Salvage Yourself

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Have you overheard someone say “I am addicted to my ex because I can’t get over him, I still think about him and I will not ask why if he comes knocking on my door any minute”? Do you know someone who may have or who is still suffering from this ill-fated concept of a non-recovery?

Rejection is overwhelming and consuming. The feeling of being refused and unwanted is unbearable and non-consoling that the only way to live out the pain is to be torn apart into pieces, be in isolation and be buried in misery for weeks, some even months and others have proudly stated they went though it for years.

You resent the idea and you deny the reality by making yourself believe that your ex made a major mistake by letting you walk out of his life. You device a way to get back with him and with the wrong move you could really be saying goodbye for good.

The Signs of Addiction

Addiction is generally defined as the excessive and constant thirst for one thing. It is put side by side with the insatiable desire of something or in this page over someone. Addiction can reside in a healthy relationship or it can build up after a break up. Some partners become obsessed with their relationships and even to their partners.

This often times continues after a break up. Addiction occurs when you become extra ordinary thoughtful of your ex. It is present when all you can think of is the best way of recovering your ex back in you life. You busy yourself reminiscing about your past and you catch yourself smiling and wondering of all the good things that you can do for each other.

The fact that his clothes are still in your closet or that your favourite movies are being played over and over again. You still find yourself smiling at the thought of him and you find yourself unable to think of anything else but his status. You go over his Facebook page and you wait for his tweets to go online. You keep tabs of his activities and schedule like before and you try to be visible in his life. Despite the fact that he keeps ignoring you and asking you to stay away, you still find reasons to get in touch with him. You put on many things that he like.

You focus your mind on what he wants and you keep everything in place for him hoping that somehow all your efforts will be noticed. You literally can’t stop thinking about him and your relationship and you do all sort of crazy things that you are not use to doing just to make him feel special, wanted and needed. You send him text messages everyday, wishing him a good day and appealing to him to reconsider your relationship. You desperately call for his attention by doing things that you presume will make him smile.

How to Save Yourself from Delusion and Addiction

If you honestly believe that your relationship deserves a second chance and the reason for all the craziness you have been doing is to get him to notice you, then let me tell you this that you are not helping your case, in fact you are blowing it off.

If you want your ex to be the one addicted to you, then learn a few tricks that have help men and women in reconciling with their exes.The initial reaction to rejection is to act desperate and beg for reconsideration. In as much as you are very much prone to doing this, DON’T. This should be the lasting on your to-do list.

Generally, men are drawn to women who are not attracted to them and vice versa. All you need to do here is to simply ignore your feelings and keep up with the wishes of your ex to live him alone. Give him what he asks for and make him think of why you are confident with everything. Stay away from him; avoid contact at all cost so that you will not find yourself in the pit hole of addiction. Men get addicted to things they can’t have. They treat everything as a quest. Therefore, you have to make it interesting and worth their while to catch you back regardless of how much you may want him to come after you.

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